Special developments

Comprehensive hydraulic system for tractors

Comprehensive hydraulic system for tractors

The Verion variable flow hydraulic system with load sensing/pressure compensator, for tractors, is a comprehensive mixed solution that allows you to radically improve the performance of your tractor, without the need for major modifications by providing it with all the advantages of a latest generation tractor with a minimum investment. The system can be installed on any tractor with more than 120 HP of power. The reliability and versatility of the system is widely demonstrated through the more than 700 tractors operating in the Argentine market since 2003.

- Eaton brand variable displacement piston pump.
- Load Sensing steering valve
- Priority valve
- Third outlet manifold that drives the turbine motor.
- Manifold of electric command valves for lifting the seeder or operating implements.
- Additional tank: for cases with a third outlet, a 140 liter tank must be installed; and in cases where only the valve manifold is used, you should consult our technical department about the possibility of using only the tractor tank to cool the oil in the circuit.

Independent hydraulics

Many times small tractors cannot meet the hydraulic needs of larger machines, either because the pump does not achieve the required flow, or even because the system does not have a reservoir of sufficient size to allow the oil to maintain an adequate temperature. which causes heating, loss of viscosity, and therefore a malfunction of the system.

To remedy this problem, a high efficiency and low cost alternative is the installation of an independent hydraulic unit on the machine. The independent hydraulic unit is provided with a tank that is sized according to the needs of the system, as well as a pump that is driven by the tractor power take-off (TDP).

In addition, the system can eliminate the drive shaft (cardan), making the machine safer and guaranteeing the integrity of the operators.


- Connected directly to the TDP;
- Allows you to remove the gimbal;
- Provides greater flow for compact tractors;
- Tank with sufficient capacity to operate the system, eliminating heating problems;
- Various tank models

Independent hydraulics
Automated street sweeper

Automated street sweeper

General operation

A computer in the truck's cab controls all of the truck's pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, as well as the speed of the sweeper brushes. With a simple click on a button, the operator activates a sequence of computer-controlled movements to put each brush in working position and start sweeping.

Operating characteristics

- Control the speed and position of the brushes.
- Controls movements of pneumatic cylinders.
- Controls the acceleration of the auxiliary engine and monitors its operation.
- It has different functions for using the water pump.
- Monitors the suction and RPM of the garbage suction turbine.

Control for drop-type spreaders with horizontal blade


Flow controller with hydraulic cylinder positioning. Applicable to free fall machines that control the flow through a gate through which the product falls by gravity.

System caracteristics

This type of machines in their conventional factory format cannot vary the fertilizer drop flow by varying the travel speed, therefore the applied dose does not remain constant when the operator cannot maintain a fixed working speed.

The Vcom solves this problem by controlling the position of the gate and using a calibration formula, with which it can work at different speeds while maintaining the same original precision of the gate system that the machine has.

Operation and calibration

The system controls a hydraulic cylinder that moves the adjustable gate through which fertilizer flows to the spreader plates. The hydraulic control block has a directional valve connected directly to any tractor outlet. A position sensor is used to know and position the hydraulic cylinder.

Calibration is carried out by measuring the flow delivered by the machine in a fixed period of time, and in 3 configurable gate positions, generally minimum, average, and maximum position.


Control for drop-type spreaders with horizontal blade
Mobile concrete processing plant

Mobile concrete processing plant

General operation

A Vcom computer allows you to control the dosage of 5 products to prepare and dose concrete at the desired production speed, being able to interrupt and restart the process whenever desired.
The system has storage memories for different recipes, which allow the quick selection of different types of concrete according to the need for the work to be done.
The machine is ideal for small jobs where the product is needed on an interrupted basis, such as for patching streets.
The dosing water pump can also be used to completely wash the machine through an electric selector valve controlled by the computer.