VERION is a company that has more than 30 years of experience, was born with the aim of providing comprehensive solutions in the field of Oleohydraulics.

Since its inception has been in constant growth, gaining prestige through its hard work and commitment to its customers in the areas of Mechanics, Electronics and Hydraulics developing sales of products, services, systems and engineering solutions for manufacturers, resellers and users final.

Since the year 2000, he began the development of solutions and equipment for precision agriculture and the insertion of this technology in the Latin American market.

Seeking to satisfy the increasingly demanding needs that the agricultural sector requires, it develops solutions based on three pillars: IMPLEMENTS - CONTROL AND QUALITY OF THE APPLICATION - AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT, thus guaranteeing a total integration in all the activities of the agricultural cycle.

Our presence in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Malaysia, and Indonesia, among others, guarantees its presence in agricultural countries in Latin America and the rest of the world.


Be recognized as a leading company in the sector.


Market and develop first level solutions for our clients.

  • Verion was born in Argentina to offer integral solutions to the Oleohydraulic sector,
    with products and services for various segments such as industry,
    construction, oil, aeronautics, agriculture, mining, naval, offshore.

  • Developed the first equipment for crops,
    where through an electrohydraulic mechanism the transmission relations
    (gears and chains) of the seed drills are replaced.

  • The headquarters of Guarulhos - Brazil opens its doors,
    today with 77 employees.

  • Implementation of the GPS guidance system / light bar, for various applications, cutting by sections in sprayers.

    "Gerdau Melhor da Terra" Award to VRM in Brazil.

  • The first computer capable of executing multiple functions is launched.

  • "Gerdau Melhor da Terra" Prize awarded by satisfied customers
    who approve the product category in Brazil.

  • The industrial plant starts operating with 3.000m² to produce export-type agricultural machines, developed according to each type of crop.

  • VCOM 7.0 is launched with new features capable of meeting the needs of our customers.

  • The headquarters in Bogotá - Colombia opens its doors to serve the closest customers.

  • The prize "Innovation in Agricultural Machinery" is awarded in Argentina.

  • The management control "Tractorimeter" is launched.

  • Develops the receiver and integrated antenna LCGPS up to 30cm of precision ideal for spraying, broadcast fertilization, harvesting and soil preparation with manual guidance.

  • Launches its own line of fertilizers in Argentina.

  • Winners of the 2019 Export Awards category: EXPORT PIONEER

  • Winners of the Export 2021 awards, category: Export Ambassador Center:

    Companies that export goods or services representative of their province, region or community

    (Buenos Aires, City of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Entre Ríos, La Pampa and Santa Fe)


Guayanas 1921 (Esq. Capitán Bermúdez 4150) I Pque. Industrial I Malvinas Argentinas I Buenos Aires

Tel. +54 (02320) 551090

Soluciones Integrales

Soluciones Integrales

VERION cuenta con un importante plantel de técnicos propios para dar asistencia a los servicios de entrega y posventa en varios países garantizando así partes originales y una rápida respuesta.

También nuestros distribuidores autorizados cubren las necesidades brindando asistencia a nuestros clientes. Consúltenos por su distribuidor más cercano.

VERION received the Sello de Buen Diseño by the NPK Palmira fertilizer company

VERION received the Sello de Buen Diseño by the NPK Palmira fertilizer company


It is the distinction granted by the Ministry of Industry and Productive Development. The machine begins to position itself strongly in the domestic market and is being exported. 

VERION is trading on a sustained rise with the NPK PALMIRA fertilizer that it develops and produces in Argentina for the cultivation of sugarcane.

The company received the Sello de Buen Diseño (SBD) for the machine, which is awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Productive Development.

The distinction is granted to the products of the national industry that stand out for their innovation, participation in sustainable local production, positioning in the market and design quality.

The NPK Palmira fertilizer company is taking the first steps in marketing within the domestic market.

Even so, there are already several units in place of the implement that performs 4 tasks simultaneously: Cuts the maloja, incorporates the fertilizer at a fixed or variable rate, loosens and finishes the interlining.

The fertilizer machine is also being sent abroad and approximately ten machines have been exported.

The NPK Palmira fertilizer controls and doses up to three products, making it possible to carry out the recipes recommended by the agronomist with simple products, which are much cheaper than the application with compound granular fertilizers.

It contributes with precision in the distribution of nutrients, through an electro-hydraulic system controlled by a VCOM computer, widely tested in many countries with more than 8,000 units sold. Its 20 cm precision GPS allows you to perform tasks with high resolution.

In addition, the system allows applying according to a georeferenced application map, also generating a post application map for control and analysis of the task performed.

The dosing is done with a volumetric screw doser that allows great precision.

These resources make it possible to compare or superimpose maps with the subsequent yield of the crop to control and improve the doses and other factors that affect the yield of sugarcane.

The NPK Palmira fertilizer spreader operates with a stainless steel hopper with hermetic closure and steps to facilitate its loading. The capacity varies between 850 and 1,200 kilos, depending on the configuration.

Its robust tubular chassis makes it possible to offer a modular equipment with spacings of 140 to 170 meters and with various types of tools, according to the different types of soil, work, etc.

Fuente:  MAQUINAC (2023, 13 de abril) Verion recibió el Sello de Buen Diseño por la fertilizadora NPK Palmira.