• Soil sampler

  • Soil sampler

  • Soil sampler

  • Soil sampler

  • Soil sampler

Soil sampler


The system is designed to be mounted on ATVs and other vehicles. It takes samples at 20 cm and 40 cm deep and subsamples  semi-automatically.


The system is designed to be mounted  on ATVs from 350 to 500 cc, but it can easily be adapted to other vehicles .The actuator key-pad and sample container are within fingertip reach  to avoid having  to descend  from the vehicle during  sample collection. The VSoil software can be used with a palm-top computer (not included) to generate sampling grids and sampling points monitoring  within the field.



•    Sampler tube
•    Tip diameter: 25 mm.
•    Tip speed: 120 RPM maximum.
•    Sampling depth: 20-40 cm.
•    Sampling container capacity: 1 Kg.
•    Amount extracted per drilling: approx. 80 grams.*
•    Drilling time: 40 seconds.

* Sample weight depends directly on soil condition and type.


Hydraulic power

•    Hydraulic pump: 2.6 cc (7.5 LPM @ 3000 RPM).
•    Hydraulic oil tank: 13.5 liters (at half level).
•    Manually adjustable valves for rotation and lowering speeds.
•    GX 160 Honda  engine.
•    Continuous power: 3.4 HP @ 3000 RPM.
•    Fuel tank: 3.1 liters.
•    Consumption: 1.4 litres/hour.
•    Oil: 0.6 litres. 



•    12- volt battery connection.
•    Manual control with key-pad, automatic detention at 20 cm or 40 cm.
•    Tip with reverse rotation for easy removal.


A 3 to 4 HP motor provides the power to drive a hydraulic pump. A solenoid valve controlled with the push-buttons derives the pump both to a hydraulic motor which drives the borehole and to a second motor which  drives the lifting and lowering system of the borehole, hence all movements  are powered from the push-buttons. The above described set is mounted on a chassis  for easy installation on the  vehicle.

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