• Data Acquisition Interface - DAI

  • Data Acquisition Interface - DAI

  • Data Acquisition Interface - DAI

Data Acquisition Interface - DAI


This integrated system has numerous inputs that allow you to monitor telemetry data  such as speed, RPM, pressure, temperatures, actuator position; or connect any sensor with analog or pulse output. .


The interface has a GPRS transmission  module  through which these data are transmitted  in real time to a WEB server. These data are also stored in an internal micro SD memory,  when there is no GPRS signal. It can also be used for:

  • Monitoring of mobile equipment or fleets with position data-gathering, operation data and  many other uses. 
  • Monitoring and control of remote pumping stations. 
  • Monitoring of operation of any type of machine with ignition or electric engines.



Remote humidity sensors
Soil moisture sensors can be connected through a short-range radio system integrated into the interface to measure up to four levels of depth in each sampled point.
Sensors are powered by an internal highly-durable battery. Applications: Moisture measurement in different parts of the irrigation pivot, moisture measurement in all kinds of crops.
Inductive sensors
They measure the presence of metal objects or pulse signals (RPM) connected on a rotation shaft. Applications: Measurement of implements working position, travel speed of a vehicle, and RPM of any type of shaft.
Flow sensors
Turbine sensors that measure water flow or other liquids in a wide variety of ranges by choosing the correct model. Applications: Irrigation flow measurement, fumigation flow measurement.
Distance sensors
Ultrasonic sensor that measures the distance to an object through ultra-sound.  Available in measuring ranges of up to 6 m. Applications: Rivers, canals or reservoirs level measurement.
Pressure sensors
Piezo-resistive transducers that measure pressure of all kinds of non-corrosive liquids and water. Available in ranges from 10 BAR up to 600 BAR. Applications: Pressure measurement of engine oil, waterpumps, working pressure of hydraulic systems.
Temperature sensors
Screw- lock-type sensors  to measure  temperature of any liquid up to 100 °C. Applications: Engine water temperature measurement.
Fuel consumption sensors
Turbine sensors especially designed to measure the flow of fuel in ignition engines. Applications: Detection of excessive fuel consumption or fuel theft.
Pressure and vacuum air sensors
To measure absolute or differential pressure. Applications: vacuum or pressure measurement in turbines with fertilizers or seeds carry-over.
CAN BUS Sensors
Weighing modules and J1939 motor data reading can be connected through the interface CAN BUS network. Applications: Reading of load cells for monitoring weight of wagons and fertilizer hoppers.




  • Automotive- approved Freescale Processor. 
  • Built-in GPRS module. 
  • Removable internal micro SD Memory up to 4 GB. 
  • BlueTooth Module (optional). 
  • Case and IP67 connector. 
  • GPS receiver included. 
  • CAN BUS for connection of J1939 Protocol motors. 
  • 4 digital inputs for RPM sensors, pulse,switches or timers connection. 
  • 4 4-20 mA  analog inputs  generally used for pressure and temperature sensors. 
  • 2 0–5 V analog inputs  generally used for fuel level or position sensors. 
  • 2 proportional outputs generally used for engine activation, emergency stops, flow control and other enable/disable features. 
  • Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 62 mm (without the GPRS antenna).

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