• Computer Vcom 10.0

  • Computer Vcom 10.0

  • Computer Vcom 10.0

Computer Vcom 10.0


Software available for all agricultural uses. We also develop proprietary applications  according to our customers’ needs and requirements. 


Our computers are specially designed to work in harsh agricultural environments, and are simple in design and user-friendly, two features of all of our products. It is also used in transportation, industry and other special mobile applications.

  • Windows CE 7.0 operating  system.   
  • IP64 sturdy and compact design. 
  • Resistant 9.7 '' touch screen. 
  • ARM iMX6 Freescale processor. 
  • CAN BUS connection.



It is made of engineering abs plastic, which is highly impact-resisting; moreover, it has rubber protection around the edges, which provides better protection against knocks  and falls.

It has an IP64 rating, thus offering full protection against water, dust and shock.

It has been designed and fitted to comply with the highest requirements of complex industrial environments.





Screen 9.7" IPS
Resolution 10024 x 768
Touch Pannel Capacitive
Operating system   WinCE 7.0
CPU iMX.6 Freescale.Quad core 1.0GHz
Decode Video 1080p60 h.264
Encode Video 1080p30 h.264 BP / Dual 720p
Core Cortex-A9 ARM
Memory ROM: 8GB Flash, RAM: DDR3-1066
External Memory Micro SD
Interface CAN BUS x 2 RS232 x 1
Power consumption   9W  normal
Working temperature  -20° C a 60° C
Storage Temperature  -30° C a 70° C
Power supply DCC 9-36v
Dimensions  252 x 211 x 37 mm
Weight  1,340 kg

GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth



Vcom10 Conectividad

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