• Liquid Fertilizer Cerrito for 2000 and 3000 l, for three points

  • Liquid Fertilizer Cerrito for 2000 and 3000 l, for three points

  • Liquid Fertilizer Cerrito for 2000 and 3000 l, for three points

Liquid Fertilizer Cerrito for 2000 and 3000 l, for three points

This equipment allows the application of liquid fertilizer (vinasse) for sugarcane cultivation with a maximum loading capacity of 3000 L of fertilizer, with the possibility of adding an additional 1500 L tank attached to the front of the tractor. It is attached to the tractor by means of a three-point hitch.
Its configuration allows it to adapt to different distances between furrows with application to the side of the planting line, fertilizing 3 lines per pass. This fertilizer has a maximum width of 2.8 m which allows transport on roads.


Tank capacity: 3000 L
Tank: AISI 304 stainless steel, 3 mm thick.
Diaphragm pump: Hydraulic motor of 50 cm3 and max. 60 bar pressure.
Equipment weight without fertilizer load: 1400 Kg
Weight with fertilizer load (vinasse): 5160 Kg

Structural support chassis.
Tank for liquid fertilizer.
2 Tank supports and ties.
4 fertilizer applicator scarifiers (front).
2 scarifiers without fertilizer application (rear).
2 furrow-forming weeds.
Membrane pump 260 L/Min fertilizer dosage.
Hydraulic motor for pump control (with associated hydraulic and electronic system).
Exclusive flow divider system and anti-drip system.
* Consult for specific catalog


Chassis: It consists of a two-axle tool-carrying chassis composed of tubes made of folded sheet metal with internal reinforcements, which provides extreme resistance to meet the work demands. It is provided with arms for category 3 3-point hitch.

Scarifiers: The equipment consists of 4 parabolic scarifiers with an interchangeable tip placed on the front tool holder shaft prepared for the incorporation of liquid fertilizer. The elements work up to 30 cm deep, decompacting the surface layers without altering the soil surface. They have an assembly system according to the distance between furrow and application from the planting line. In addition, 2 scarifiers are added to the rear tool-carrying axle with and without incorporation of fertilizer located at a medium distance between the two front ones, performing a decompaction work that also closes the opening generated by the front application scarifiers.

Fertilizer tank: Constructed of 3 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel with internal breakwater, inspection cover, accessories and couplings for fertilizer loading and self-filling. It has a maximum capacity of 3000 l. Supported by 3 supports with sucking system for adjustment and fastening. Possibility of increasing the capacity by adding another tank with a capacity of 1500 l with similar characteristics located in the front part of the tractor. Also available in rotomolded plastic.

Membrane piston pump: The equipment has a pump for application and dosing of fertilizer with a maximum flow rate of 260 l/min, driven by a hydraulic motor and electronically controlled (it does not have manual regulations) to achieve the different application doses, which gives it greater practicality. and regulation accuracy.

Cutting Blade Side Discs + Rolo Escardillo Disc harrow Scarifying Pump Subsoladora Pump



Computer with a 7'' touch screen and a precision GPS that allows a constant application independent of the tractor's travel speed, achieving a uniform dosage in the lot. It is also possible to make applications at varied rates with prescription maps. Generates activity registration maps detailing work times, stops, transfers, speed, applied dose and others for subsequent analysis.

* Request Vcom 7.0 computer catalog

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