• Griv 10.0 Band Fertilizar Spreader, Capacity 1000 l

  • Griv 10.0 Band Fertilizar Spreader, Capacity 1000 l

Griv 10.0 Band Fertilizar Spreader, Capacity 1000 l

The only one that applies 1 or 2 products.

Suitable for powder, granular and organic dry. Adaptable to any crop.


  • Designed to perform precise high-quality applications. 
  • It boasts a robust and simple design which requires minimal maintenance. 
  • Reinforced embossed steel sheet chassis.  
  • Product dosage through rubber transfer belt with gate. For the second product by volumetric doser. 
  • Computer controlled application at fixed or variable rate, according to map. 
  • Different orientators or adjustable focusers for applications in band. 
  • It can be used for rice and pasture planting. 
  • Stainless steel hopper and implements in contact with fertilizer.



10,700 kg capacity

Granular urea doses from 50 up to 1,000 Kg / ha

Power required: 120 - 140 HP

Track width 1.8 m and 2.1 m

Tyres 23.1 - 26 - Diamond

Tyres 380/90 R 36 - Row Crop

Tyres 500/60 R22.5 - High flotation

Unladen weight (varies depending on tyre) - 2.525 kg aprox.




  • Even fixed and variable application width from 12 up to 36 m.
  • Only machine on the market that can vary spreading disc speed by computer, thus ensuring excellent evenness at various application widths.
  • Once the machine has been calibrated, the dose may be modified without having to modify the height of the rear gate.
  • Computer indicates real-time product level in the hopper.
  • Double disc distribution system with 2 or 4 vanes, depending on application type.
  • Independent Hydraulic, without relying on tractor pump.



Mechanical standard
Mechanical fixed-dose: PTO cardan disc drive and dose control by mechanical copier wheel.

Mix fixed rate
PTO Cardan disc drive and electrohydraulic dose control via bluetooth on your mobile phone, using the tractor hydraulics.

Mix variable rate
Pto cardan disc drive and electrohydraulic dose control using the tractor hydraulics, with Vcom computer

Hydraulic variable rate
With independent hydraulic unit for disc driving at variable speed and electro - hydraulic dose control belt with Vcom computer, light bars included.



It allows you to apply 2 products at the same time in a single pass, varying ratios independently according to your needs. The hopper is divided into two compartments, one for powder/granular  and the other one for granular only, thus allowing for powder +  granular or  2 granular fertilizers. The use of powder + granular is ideal for localized applications or up to 18 meters workwidth.



  • Electronic scales
  • Autopilot
  • Roll-up canvas
  • Swivel Rocker
  • Organic Kit
  • Calibration Test kit
  • Internal filtering grid


7-inch Touchscreen Computer with multiple functions to ensure even application independent of changes in speed, hence allowing for optimal product distributional accuracy.  It also allows for applications at variable rate with prescription maps. In-depth  multi-variable mapping and operating records including working time, stationary, transfer, speed, applied dose and other valuable data for further analysis.



Google Earth Display of the full fertilization plan

Application Map

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